Lyrics : Talk That sh*t

n***as talk a lot of sh*t man
But we gon' solve that
So they know that (Dreamteam)

Talk that sh*t, ukhuluman'?
Ukhuluman'? (Voetsek!)
Talk that sh*t, ukhuluman'?
Ukhuluman'? (Voetsek!)
Talk that sh*t, ukhuluman'?
Ukhuluman'? (Voetsek!)
Talk that sh*t, ukhuluman'? (Voetsek! Hamba! Get it, wena u..)

These days n***as talk a lot of sh*t
I'm out the country on some 10 thousand US dollars sh*t
If I was you, I'd do the knowledge
Back to school, I'm handing all you foolish n***as scholarships
Breaking records, record executives and their promises
f**k them corner offices, we the new Chris Ghelakis-es
You know who Chris Ghelakis is?
Went from anonymous to top of your baby momma list
Topless hunnies, chop this money like I'm the karate kid
Please pardon my flex, but I'm fresh off the jet
I just came back from Tim West and he said I'm the f**king best
I know success is a bitter pill
It's a lot to digest
Oh yeah, we're up at the pinnacle
Got the S on my chest
I got the world at my feet
Got a price on my head
I bagged the girl of my dreams
My team gon' ride til' the death
I put my life on a screen
Every scene getting televised
Never sleep, cause my dreams never die
I'm a beast, body bag every beat
This is genocide
When I step in the booth, Supa Mega time
I think I'm coming down, it's time to roll another
Lord bless my baby daughter, yeah I'm that motherf**ker