Lyrics : PART OF ME

Yo, Carter came wit' a tint (yuh)
Pain behind the lens
And how the f**k you gon' live?
If you ain't got no bands and that lil' Glock gotta kick
He ain't gon' need no

My n***as dead, dey took a part of me
Know da opps feel like dey won da lottery
Claim dey a hitta, but you ain't even part of it
Cro caught a body, because of a promise
I gotta problem, you know i'ma solve it
Who kno' i'ma do wit' all dis profit?
In my Birkins or Amiri pocket
f**k up da stash, on my hip is where da Glock at

I'm from the hood, it's so toxic
You a pu**y if you stop it
Wire tap don't, wonder why you never catch me on it
Wit' dis trap phone, I can make about a hunnid thousand
I just go back to da bando, abandoned
Step on a brick and wrap it in plastic
I'm kinda mad you up in a casket
Dis gon' come at you being a savage
Den she know i'm no average
I'm makin' more money den her daddy
Sixty cents on a Rolex, and it got baguettes
Yo, stretchin' da clip it's extended (aye)
I think I'll win an election
I don't look like what I've been through, but I really came from the trenches
And we got da stick, bamboo
I want da money, it come wit' da fame
She fill up her attitude, you better get da f**k outta my face
My life like zoom, zoom
Everyday feel like a holiday