Lyrics : Raincoats*

Lyrics from Snippet

I've been killin' instrumentals, I hope I don't get the elbow
Twizzy keep a strap just like his velcro
Thuggin' on that curb, I was posted where the mail go
And now I'm shoppin' while I'm walkin' right on Melrose
Heart feelin' like December cold, thought you would never fold
R.I.P. Zach, he lost his soul on the [Ellis road?]
Richer than the opps, I've been places that they'll never go
Pockets full of knots, I might fill 'em when I'm feelin' low
Puddles full of pain, we was totin' in our raincoats
Perkies like Skittles, know she lovе to taste the rainbow
Dancin' with the dеvil and he tough me how to tango
Lord knows I don't care if it's [?]

Make my money, make more, we let them things go
It's a bullet shower, better bulletproof your raincoat
Know these Burberry boots, I bought 'em for the rain, though
It's just me, Tok, and Rico, [?]
It's like [?] in this b*t*h, yeah
n***a, I wanna eat, I let...