Lyrics : Fitness Boy (Extended Version)

I'm a fitness boy
I'm the fitness man

I'm a fitness boy, it's easy to understand
I can do most things that a fitness can
I'm crankin' in the gym almost every day
Max fitness life makes me feel okay

I jump the jacks and I lift the weights
I do cardio stuff on alternating days
Stylin' my hair into bicep curls
Health Galaxy includes Fitness World

Lubing up with sweat when I'm making love
Hot 'n' heavy on the couch, wearing workout gloves
They give me extra money at work because
Whenever I encounter boss, I give him real strong hugs

I can be beautiful and I can be tough
I've got some muscles and I'm rapping and stuff
I do the flex even better than you
Cooler than me? Yeah, you sound like a fool

Fitness, fi-fi-fi-fi-fitness

I'm a fitness boy
I'm the fitness man
Getting big and strong
Take a fitness stand