Lyrics : Rap God

I could never compete with the Rap God
Hats off to the greatest to do it like bath salts
I been tearing the faces of haters half off
Blast off to another planet homie back off
I been doing this for a minute, I don’t care about a critic
If I did it then I said it if I said it then I did it
You don’t want problems, hit them with the revolver
Shouts out to father
He the reason I've been doing everything I’m doing
Only time I take an L is when I’m smoking I ain’t losing
Like Tom I been cruising and pursuing what I’m doing feeling
Like Billl bell mix with Jon Gruden I’m the coach of this rap sh*t
I been feeling fantastic
I might hit them with the ratchet
My wife look good
While your wife look plastic going bat sh*t
Brain gone couldn't catch it
But you know I got up out of it and then I fought back
Ex call me never call back
Then I fall back
Wanna re-lax
Hope I don’t relapse
Then if I do hope my Momma don’t see that
Homie where the weed at
Tell it where it be at
Quit for a minute now I need that
Really want the peace back
Gotta get a piece for the peeps
When I creep in the streets
They don’t want me to win and I see that
Like Andre feeling 3 stacks
If you have my number than delete that
The cameras is flashing I'm posing
Like Elsa my heart my heart has been frozen
But I cannot hear any haters that talking to me because
b*t*h I feel like I'm Beethoven
They hit me up now that I'm blowing
With all of the shade they been throwing
My bank account been overflowing
And by that I mean that sh*t growing
The snakes in my grass so I’m mowing
Drinking and smoking
Ex girls and old friends missing me
Every rhyme that I write like a symphony
I been dancing with your wife like Mr. Clean
I pity all these fools like Mr. T
I been doing this for a damn minute
You can wait your damn turn be patient stop tripping
I was struggling for years now I finally been winning
And I'm just getting started this only the beginning
I been feeling like Ludvig
Every single rhyme I write way too sick
Any obstacle in my way I can move it
Where'd my brain go, man did I lose it?
I been living life on the move
I'm not a rapper I'm a fiddler on the roof
Like A.I. in his prime man I'm the truth
I'm dog off the chain man I'm on the loose
I do not want your opinion cause all my success has been earned and not given
Telling me how I should and I shouldn't be living I used to be broke with no food in the kitchen
But I'm eating what I want now
I know that make you mad
You should calm down
Girls wants me cause I'm on now
But I only love my girl and my mom now
Forgive me God, I've been so savage
I might pull up in a million dollar horse carriage
All these other rappers rapping now so average
All the rhymes that I write make the earth shatter
I ain't got no time for snakes
If I want bad enough I'ma find a way
You always play it safe while I lie awake
Going crazy everyday thats the price I pay
They don’t really know what it be taking everyday to give
The people what they want and keep on winning in a way
That keep money flowing never slowing down in getting paid
They don’t want me winning but I do it everyday
Every single minute I be getting the money boy you funny
When it come to be realer you a dummy
Always sunny like it’s philly roll a philly when it’s sunny
Got the honies like I’m Winnie Pooh and they're not ugly
Wack looking boy
Probably have big ass zits all over your back looking boy
Trash looking boy
When you were born bet your Mommy and Daddy smoke crack looking boy
Ah, sh*t