Lyrics : Wait for Me (”If you wanna walk out of hell...”) [Intro]

What is it?

Well, the good news is, he said that you can go

He did?

He did?

He did, but there's bad news though

What is it?

You can walk, but it won't be like you planned

What do you mean?

Why not?
Well, you won't be hand in hand
You won't be arm in arm, side by side, and all of that
He said you have to walk in front, and she has to walk in back


And if you turn around to make sure she's coming too
Then she goes back to Hadestown
And there ain't nothing you can do

But why?

Why build walls, make folks walk single file
Divide and conquer's what it's called

It's a trap

It's a trial
Do you trust each other?
Do you trust yourselves?
We do

Well listen, brother
If you want to walk out of hell
You're gonna have to prove it before gods and men
Can you do that?

We can

A'ight, time to go!

Mr. Hermes?


It's not a trick?

No, it's a test