Lyrics : If it’s True

If it's true what they say
If there's nothing to be done
If it's true that it's too late
And the girl I love is gone
If it's true what they say

Is this how the world is?

To be beaten and betrayed and then be told that nothing changes?
It'll always be like this?
If it's true what they say
I'll be on my way

And the boy turned to go
'Cause he thought no one could hear
But everybody knows that walls have ears

And the workers heard him

If it's true what they say
With their hammers swinging

What's the purpose of a man?

And they quit their workin'

Just to turn his eyes away?

When they heard him singing

Just to throw up both his hands?

No hammer swinging

What's the use of his backbone

No pickaxe ringin'
If he never stands upright?

And they stood and listened

If he turns his back on everyone?

To the poor boy singing

That he could've stood beside

If it's true what they say
I'll be on my way
But who are they to say what the truth is anyway?
'Cause the ones who tell the lies


Are the solemnest to swear
And the ones who load the dice

Always say the toss is fair
And the ones who deal the cards

Deal the cards

Are the ones who take the tricks
With their hands over their hearts
While we play the game they fix
And the ones who speak the words

Speak the words

Always say it is the last
And no answer will be heard
To the question no one asks
So I'm askin' if it's true
I'm askin' me and you
And you
And you
I believe our answer matters more than anything they say

We stand and listen

I believe if there is still a will
Then there is still a way

We're standing with him

I believe there is a way
I believe in us together
More than anyone alone

We're standing near him

I believe that with each other, we are stronger than we know

We hear him

I believe we're stronger than they know
I believe that we are many
I believe that they are few

We're standing

And it isn't for the few
To tell the many what is true

We understand him

So I ask you:
If it's true what they say

We're standing

I'll be on my way

We're standing

Tell me what to do

We're standing

Is it true?
Is it true what they say?