Lyrics : Come Home with Me

You wanna talk to her?


Go on


Don't come on too strong

Come home with me

Who are you?

The man who's gonna marry you
I'm Orpheus
Is he always like this?


I'm Eurydice

Your name is like a melody

A singer, is that what you are?

I also play the lyre?

Oh, a liar, AND a player too!
I've met too many men like you

Oh, no
I'm not like that
He's not like any man you've met
Tell her what you're workin' on

I'm workin' on a song?

It isn't finished yet
But when it's done and when I sing it
Spring will come again

Come again?

Spring will come

When? I haven't seen a spring or fall since?
I can't recall

That's what I'm workin' on

A song to fix what's wrong
Take what's broken, make it whole
A song so beautiful
It brings the world back into tune
Back into time
And all the flowers will bloom...
When you become my wife

Oh, he's crazy. Why would I become his wife?

Maybe because he'll make you feel alive

Alive? That's worth a lot
What else ya got?