Lyrics : 50c Razors

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You know, this sh*t gettin' too easy lately

As we all know, consistency is key
And nobody been this efficient more consistently than me
This the sh*t n*ggas play when they in the kitchen with a ki
Maybe two, whippin' it to three, they listenin' to me (Talk to 'em)
Look, I had reality stars tryna seduce me first (Hah)
Seen her on Instagram sellin' Nutraburst (Hahahaha)
Tummy tea and waist trainers
Yeah, she tryna run her money up, so I can't blame her (Not at all)
The way I turn over my bucks, I can leave the league
But I ain't [?], I'm stayin' me, I will lead the league
But I ain't changin', elevatin', doin' more, I'm not just maintainin'
That's why I hate when I see a n*gga
And I ask him what's been up with him and he say maintainin'
That sh*t be weighin' on my brain and I ain't [?]
Eighty pointers up in the necklace (Huh)
Insane jungle boys sellin' cookies 'cause I'm connected (Woo)
Yeah, whip it in the pot, this sh*t is lockin' (Cap)
I really play with a bird like I'm Dennis [?] (Hah)
While n*ggas milly rockin', we got the city poppin' (Uh huh)
Twenty-K on Rodeo what I consider shoppin'
I can tell your record deal was horrible
I got rich on my own, that's real applaudable (Talk to 'em)
This new album a wave, boy, I'm feelin' nautical
Sold crack on May Street, now I'm in Billboard articles (Uh huh)
Shot in the head, they said my grill ain't marketable (Okay)
Now I get DMs from b*tches sayin'
"I seen you lookin' good on Jimmy Fallon show, that's real remarkable" (Hah)
Hundred-K on my wrist, how's that still affordable?

[Verse 2: Drake]