Lyrics : I Wrote You This Song

Maybe, I was late to the gate, but please
Watch the whole race cause I'm winning this one
You make me wanna carve hearts so faintly
In trees hands shaking from what’s going on

Madly in love oh I never thought I could be
I never thought I would be till you came along
Madly in love oh we both know we should be
With your heart and my key is where I belong

Oh feels like summer
Oh you’re like no other

Madly in love from my head to my feet
I am tense I am weak
From this bеautiful thing
We fit just like a glove oh darling don’t ya think
So plеase don’t leave
Cause things are not as they seem

And we’ve come a long way from cruisin around in my 92’ Lebaron how long
Till I see your face cause it will always make my heartbreak
Over it I’m over it no I can’t get over it
I’m no good I swear I’m no good
I got addiction to affliction
And I’m constantly wishin
I was there with you
Oh feels like summer
Oh you’re like no other
So when I’m in a casket laying 6 feet down
I pray it’s you that was with me to the ground
My angel, inspiration
That helped me every day with love

Don’t wait too long
After I’m gone
Cause I wrote you this song
And we’ll all sing along
When I’m back home