Lyrics : Jujutsu Kaisen Rap Cypher | Kyoto

Oh, oh me oh my so i'm the bad guy?
Guess I'll play the role I can take it ugh
Like these trials and tribulations
That you left me with no hesitation
Put a target on my head reverse that
The world doesn't revolve around you
Hol up, got composue to keep
But if you want hands well then bon appetit
I'm serving up rubbers to put you to sleep
Bang for your buck?
Well it's incoming
Look at my pants can't toutch this
Not even with ya hammer dance it's rustic
Hope you didn't want a second chance that bull shh
Born here together but die by yourself, trick, yah

Pulling the Strings From the backround me and the puppet nsync
Beating yo ass from my bathtub oh you mad huh
I dont give a f**k what you think
Cannons in arms reach when the arms reach
When i'm armed me i'm an army
Its a wrap if you step to the boy because i'm straped with them toys
I ain't talking bout barbie
This ain't my job
But you'll still get that remote work
Mechamaru will pull up right on you we mopping you up I ain't talking bout joe dirt
Click(x7) like your computer froze
I got the hammer with a nice aim you'll get nailed
Wind scythe single slice cut you in half
Get it right set my sights knocked off your ass
See your life how it's snuffed out with my craft
Then the light same fate plus I got some class
Not. Just. A. Girl. Got that strength. You'll be hurled
Survival promised if im honest you're leaving this world
Send the nails i'm breakin yours feel all the pains that ive bore
Social restraints? f**k this sh*t im out i'll keep reaching for more
Now your hope is messed with then you feel the verbal chest hits
Shocked by Cardiac Arrest? Tch we both knew you had a death wish

Takin the throne I do this for my mother
Convergence i'll murder anyone who touch her
We bonded by blood it dont matter im changing the matter
It flow with the blood of my brother
Ain't nobody worth my site you bleed and get sliced now you excorcised
I won't even lie it's what I live I be if you see it flow your life is goodbye
Let me be honest im sleepin on everyone and I don't give a sh*t
If you f**k with the clan then I be putting metal to your body like you was missing a limb
Victory slim, but be my guest
If you just wanna get beat like the rest
I'll be done in a flash
All you'll ever see is arrows like you was completing a quest
Buisness dressed in a suit and tie
See a cool dry look when the blue goes by
High stress what's that? I'm oh so calm
No time for a pic got a job thats due
Grip that hilt quicker then you
Draw so fast like speed art never had a weak heart better not step where the feet are
Get that dough with the domain
Cuz the funds lookin low I got no change
Though I kinda feel hopeless i won't lose focus
Hit then slide to the home plate
Whole lap running round always putting in the leg work, kill
Any curse want hurt they can get their fill
Fell asleep but you know i got a slept on skill
Barely on screen im the best girl still

Gotta lust for the battle im all for the action
I'll show you the cards and pull up like a caption
She thicc how I like it thats my satisfaction
Im beatin it up, when i get to clapping
Bang Bang with the Gang now my name reigns
We exchange names got gains you a plain James
Lame Brain you insane thats a strange change
Now a range game when I aim with the thang thang
Brain and the brawn you blink imma spazz
Hated by most but leading the class
Dont question my words, im loving her ass
You gave her the space N I hit it thats flash
You talk to much and that fact bores me
Dont give a f**k if I act naughty
She cool and smart and make it clap for me
Gotta Lotta plot in her backstory