Lyrics : 2AM

(Aye Oz, you a big dog)
sh*t My-My girl she-she ask like why yo’ [?]
Tell her, I always tell her, she ain’t never seen them dollar bills tweak
You ain’t seen them hundred mills tweak
sh*t, that’s what I tell her

2018 on the average I made like 40K a week
Me and Vic went on a spree (On a spree)
I walked in the club like Meech be (Iced out)
I know the game got a cheat sheet
And I’m a prize, live with like three freaks
I don’t really vibe if imma see
I left the studio at like 5:50
So this a n***a [?] if I don’t sleep
I walk in Barney’s, spent five figures
So when I write it off, that’s what imma keep
I ain’t know this how far imma be
Sixteen, I had a choppa like Chief Keef
Got rich, I ain’t know the IRS gon’ owe me (What?)
Since then, I been wantin’ my receipts
I got to that’s why it be so hard to reach me
Everybody want in [?] in my [?]
Takin’ so much I don’t know I keep Jesus
Guess I’m such a giver, I [?]
Pretended, like a receiver I receive
Get it right off and I repeat
Pray up to God hope any soul that he reap me
Try me lil b*t*h, like Ri-Ri
On my problems and sh*t, I don’t trip
I just fill up and cop me some sh*t
Full of zips what you mean, when I hop in the whip
I can’t pull over, I got this Glock on my hip
If she see me, she peakin’ my Prada’s and sh*t
Real boss, I’m just gettin’ it hot in the whip
Turn her on, now she givin’ me top in the whip
She ain’t even mention it, we just start talkin’ and sh*t
When I pop out, I look like a walkin’ lick (Swerve)
I can identify a nine piece off a brick
I used to fantasize, Rollie round’ my wrist