Lyrics : Fears*

Lyrics From Snippet

At times it could be a burden because you know
(Taking a chill, brand new whips take me a trip yeah)
You want to be a person to change, you want to see the growth
(I get irregular chills, thinkin' how Tec an em' feel yeah)
Even for myself, not just for my fans but, for myself
(Landin' these automobiles uh, do a doughnut in the field uh)
I think the music that's coming will reflect that change
(I perfected my feel, I protected my tail)

I'm embracin' my fears (yeah), and show that anything real (yeah)
I'm protecting my heart (yeah), I been taught to get it how I live (Taught to get it how I live)
I was born inside the turmoil (Future), nothin' could be erased (Nothin' could be erased)
I was pourin' up the good oil, tryna' fight my demons in the safe yeah (Fight my demons in the safe)
I ain't stoppin' till a n***a boat is a millionaire (Ain't no stoppin')

Don't fantasize, this not the fantasizing time to make music for you
This is the time to tell your deepest sh*t, to be honest!
This for your fans to know exactly how you feel that's what