Lyrics : Coast 2 Coast

Yeah, my nigga Fuse from 808 Mafia
808 Mafia

My hotel room got a basketball court in it
It's easy to tell who gettin’ money and who isn't

The flow exquisite, you ain't know it, ho, I been the shiznit
What’s up with it, ask yo' girl, she done been here before
And I done changed her whole world, she still in love with it
I've long played my watch for all that weed and smoke, then I forgot her
At the bottom and proven I'm prouder so we top them records
We set the last time that we dropped somethin'
I'm in the car lot, drop top huntin'
I think I spotted one, the doors up, lifted V12 hummin'
As fine as my woman
Told the dealer keep the duffel and the 300 large I used for stuffin’ ’cause it's nothin’

My hotel room got a basketball court in it
It's easy to tell who gettin' money and who isn't

Drivin’ a Rolls-Royce with the solar system in the ceiling
VVSs in the pendant, all my neighbors think I'm dealin'
(All my neighbors think I'm dealin')
Only real billionaires know the feelin', know we in here

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (La-da, la-da, la-da)
East side (La-da, la-da, la-da)

Envious enemies crawlin' like centipedes
Infiltrate the infrastructure with jealousy and greed
This only impedes the process will never succeed
Until we all on the same page in them streets
The colder them Gs, them books I'ma never read
The cold Decembers we communicate on one we never seen
Like hieroglyphics, we get high and kick it
The creative prolifics, street educated and gifted
Don't get it twisted, get the issue clear as crystal
Top soft as tissue, convertible coupes in front the venue
And we were just at the steakhouse, ballin' out
Feastin' off a secret menu
Godfather for insults, the saga continues
We go harder than a mother who just sold her soul for views
Always come through with everything new
Unless it's all on purpose, know I keep them Chevys swervin' fool
Every loss was a blessin', yes
A lesson that I learned from
Observed the amount of power in them words I slung
Looseleaf paper makin' origami birds, that's my word, son

My hotel room got a basketball court in it
It's easy to tell who gettin' money and who isn't