Lyrics : You’re Probably Wondering Why I’m Here—Vocal Overdub Take 1 (Incomplete)/Take 2 (Incomplete)

Engineer: "—dering Why I'm Here," take one. [...]

Ami Hadani: "You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here," vocal overdub, take one

FZ: You say you know where it's at

Ray Collins: You say you known . .

FZ: And you think . .

You're probably wondering
Why I'm here
And so am I
So am I

Just as much as you wonder
'Bout me bein' in this place
That's just how much I marvel
At the lameness on your face
You rise each day the same old way
You rise . .

Ray Collins: CUT!

FZ: You rise

Ray Collins: Hey, is that, uh—

Engineer: Take two, two

FZ: I never thought I'd cut a record by myself, but . . . I saved up a lot of money, went downtown and— and here we are!

You're probably wondering
Why I'm here
And so am I
So am I

Ami Hadani: Want a little feedback there on the speakers?