Lyrics : “Union Scale”


The Whisky was the home base for Johnny Rivers. He was like a fixture there. And he played there every night and he was the big star.

The other place that groups would work was called The Trip. That was for groups that already had record contracts or touring groups. I guess that held about a thousand people. And also part of this three-way circuit was this little club called The Action, which was on Santa Monica Boulevard. And that was kind of the entry-level establishment. Their clientele was prostitutes, underworld figures, and television actors, mainly, who came in there. Some movie people, too.

And the only way you could work the Whisky is if Johnny Rivers was going on a tour. And since he was the mainstay of their income there, he didn't really tour that much, but one day he decided he was gonna do a tour and they needed some band to slot into the Whisky and we got the job. But they left his— the, the sign was a plywood sign they used to hang out in front of the Whisky—big letters, "Johnny Rivers," and they never took it down, you know, to make people think that he was still there. I mean, imagine the shock they got when they came in and saw us playing "Trouble Every Day" and "Who Are the Brain Police?" and that kind of stuff.

Well, the audience wasn't anything to brag about, they were just a bunch of drunk people in go-go boots. But, you know, the money was a lot better than The Broadside because we, we were actually making UNION SCALE.
21. "25 Hundred Signing Fee" 1:12