Lyrics : “Poop Rock”

Interviewer: What do you think about the, uh, current state of rock and roll, there's psychedelic rock, blues rock, folk rock, um . . .

FZ: Poop rock.

Interviewer: . . . all kinds of rock and, uh, now the Beatles are coming out with songs which, to some people, are putting on the audience. The new, uh, single.

FZ: You don't think the Beatles have always put on their audience?

Interviewer: Well, now more blatantly, I think, uh, with . . .

FZ: What could be more blatant than "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"?

Interviewer: Well, have you heard the Beatles new, uh . . .

FZ: I have the new Sgt. Pepper album.

Interviewer: Sgt. Pepper.

FZ: I'd like to thank them very much for doing a wonderful take-off on Freak Out! during the song about Rita the meter maid. I thought that it was very clever to have people wheezing, huffing and panting in the background with the music still going on.