Lyrics : Run Up

Pull up like the A-Team
f**kin' on your lady, she dripped out like the 80's
Baby, momma, f**k her with no condom
She love my anaconda, beat it, Ronda
b*t*h I'm feelin' rowdy
b*t*h you can't doubt me
b*t*h I'm 'bout my money
You can ask about me
b*t*h I want a Tesla on the coupe, f**k an Audi
Posted in the H, but I came from Bryer County (Uh)

If you actin' nice, you best believe I'll hit you with that burner
Wish a n***a would, I think my nametag should be Timmy Turner
Don't turn this into a murder, very ? up in this b*t*h
I ain't in gymnastics, but I'll make this f**kin' ? split
They just wanna hold me down
Make 'em lost but never found
Hear them scream, I love the sound
Catchin' all these pistol rounds
Make that thing go c-c-capow
Look at who they peepin' now
Look at who they reapin' now
Six feet where they sleepin' now