Lyrics : The Garden

All live in the garden

The lights are always on in the street
So I never sleep
My dreams have turned to plastic
And they rattle in my head
And now there's concrete in the yard
Where the sunflowers used to be
I thought I heard your voice
But it was only the TV

I think I'll waste away here
I think I'll waste away
If the world hasn't killed me yet
Well, it's just a matter of days
The poison ate our lungs up
And there's not much we can do
If I could, I would get on a spaceship
And spend my last days on the moon

They say they're building us a garden
So when the birds and trees are all gone
We'll live where the sky is golden
Bathe in artificial oceans
But if they couldn't tap the marrow
Every river, every sparrow
Laying dead inside their cages
Without their songs, they have been wasted
They say someday we'll find the answer
We'll be climbing up that ladder
While they burn up in the atmosphere
We'll be okay 'cause we'll all live in the garden

I want to build a wall around you
And say that I'm the one who found you
But despite all of my virtue
I know that I'm the one who hurts you
Well, don't you know they lie, dear?
There is no better place to find here
They packed up their things and left you
And I don't think I can protect you
I think that I have found the answer
Yeah, I'm climbing up that ladder
And I'm taking my friends with me
And we'll be okay 'cause we'll all live in the garden