Lyrics : BOYS WITH EMOTIONS (Nevada Remix)

What's wrong with boys that
We can't admit
It's okay to talk, you
Don't need your fists
It's alright to feel things
But that's something we don't permit, yeah
If you need a hug, then
I'll give you it

When we're young, they say to keep it all inside, all inside
When the boys are blowing up, we wonder why
Yeah, we wonder, yeah, we wonder why

Boys with emotions
Trying not to show it
Leave it unspoken
We're all a little bit broken
Boys with emotions
Trying not to show it
Keeping it in, don't wanna admit
We're all boys with emotions

Forget what your dad said
Put it out of your head
It's okay to cry and
It's okay to vent
If you don't let it out
The monster will eat you instead, yeah
The hurt that you're holding
Let it out of your chest