Lyrics : Tweakers

You okay, daddy?

Foenem tweakin' and geekin'
And tweakin' and geekin'
They geekin' and tweakin' on baby

Hanging out the window, it's a chopstick
Daddy long leg, Duck just popped a mid
Shawty said her ass fat, there they going bread
Beat it from the back, then grab her neck, now give me head
I can tell you stories 'bout that ugly corner (you ain't know?)
Mobbing with a set and where they scamming numbers (you ain't know?)
Throwing bows and bussing heads and royal rumbles (you ain't know?)
Please don't get caught in that action, foenem on ya
Bingo with made, how we play with spot em out, knock em out, left in that fade (southside)
Cousin banging hardy and paranoia from all of them scenes (southside)
That's a creeper creeper, jack man walking 'round, taking your chains (southside)
Show no pity, this no love city, that's foenem

FBG sh*t, FBG b*t*h
Gang gang (x3)
Foenem tweakin' off mids on baby, on foenem (gang gang)
My lil shorty go crazy (gang gang)
Come through waving guns down your block, b*t*h call us wavy
Four nick on me, thick b*t*h, don't think this sh*t gravy
Post up on yo block, want me to move, b*t*h make me
I might take yo b*t*h and break her muthaf**kin' back in
Fore I hit the stage, I want my muthaf**kin' back ends
Gucci bag on me, wanna know what's in that bag? 10
You don't get the picture, it's a difference how we rapping
On foenem, foenem crazy, don't want me to put them on you
Please don't make me
I know n***as hate, they can't take it
Just look at they faces
n***as out here chasing, n***as b*t*hes
Put them in they places
You can try your luck, b*t*h we ain't ducking nothin'
The f**k?