Lyrics : Shells

Stop playing with us man
My motherf**kin brother man
You know what I'm sayin

Pass me the strap Imma bust off the rick
I got 100 bullets inside of this car
Imma shoot this motherf**ker till this b*t*h it click

I got a Draco you know it come with a hundred
b*t*h is on her period she suck me I told her I don’t wanna f**k it
Suck my d**k b*t*h

b*t*h I’m not f**kin, get the f**k out
You know I’m with Dex and we smoking the uhh
I pick a lil pretty b*t*h out from the crowd
I take her back stage man that b*t*h actin wild

Wow huh oo
I get the money you know I just do
You run up on me boy you know Imma shoot
Huh yeah Peek-a-boo
I can’t lie, I’m from Chicago I keep me a strap
You run up on me boy you know it go down
This’ll be a asthma attack