Lyrics : Burn For You Demo

If this is what you call a honeymoon?
Pacing round our separate rooms
Running from our elaborate ruse
We're doomed

Please forgive me your grace
Can't even look me in the face
And now I must lie in the mess you made

The mess we made

It was your mistake
You kissed me in the maze!

I was prepared to take my life that day!

I stole your fate

I stole your fate
I stole your fate!

No I stol? your fate!

I don't understand

And now you're forc?d to love a man you hate


I know you don't feel the same...
But I bu-urn for you

You burn for me?

I burn!

I burn
I burn

I burn

I bu-urn for you

I burn

I burn

For you...


Ah hah ah ahh...

How do you feel?
I feel wonderful

From the morning till ease
Till the evenings you cry in
I'm always thinking of you

I'm always thinking of you...

From the mornings till late in the night
It is you I cannot sacrifice


Look me in my


I bu-urn for you

I burn for you

I burn...

I burn!

I bu-urn for you

I burn!

I bu-urn!

Say my name
Say I'm yours
Promise we'll never be oceans apart!
'Cause I bu-urn for you

I burn for you...

I burn

You burn...

You burn...

For me

I'm yours Daphne
I've always been yours

And I'm yours