Lyrics : Public Survey

Now if you look to your right
You’ll see a piece of paper and a pen
That’s for you


No, no N**** no I don’t got time to wait
But I got moves to make
I see ya, out of my troubles I’m trying
As I live day to day
Fighting those demons but I still made a way
Telling my mama everyday that I will stay the
Never change, no I said that on my first tape
Writing in this bad than better describe my work day
Getting out these thoughts that lay on my brain heavy
It’s the year at the zero that’s why all these haters looking sketchy (Ha)
Overlooking the city, I know you see me
Bread and salad before the fettuccine
I’m on some bigger ish, I’m frying some bigger fish
You need a verse from me well let’s discuss some benefits
I’m trying to be a legend
I seen it in my future
I’m laughing at you n****s
Just starring at your computer
I used to be a loser, look who came out with a win
Tryin to make some millions off of a stroke of a pen

Now whatcha think
Now what you (ah whatcha think)
Tell me whatcha think
I just wanna know (I just wanna know)
Tell me what you think (just tell me what you think)
Am I doing good, gotta sticker on the back of the car?

These n****s say I’m back again I mean I’m into making trouble, I ain’t making friends
A billionaire boy state of mind, some n****s say they next well they gone have to wait in line
See I’m just waiting on my bomb to blow
I’m looking down on you n****s screaming Gernomino
I’m sick of these n****s saying they the best
I’m the king of the jungle, you n****s lioness
Y’all can’t even touch it, I hear you n****s talking ish but never when in public
I walk up in the building, and these n****s get to coughing
Cause my confidence is blairen and these hoes can’t help but love it (uh)
Some new frames and some new j’s
My Cali n****s say I be the new wave
Black cement 3s maybe cool greys
Maybe some 4s (I don’t know) (ahaha)
(Uh) Say it’s gonna be a massacre
Better yes spectacular
You better mark your calendar
Vroom vroom in that Challenger
So strap in all you passengers what considered you n****s a threat , but you ain’t man enough
And I’m sorry for the wait since the Letters
I took only a little time off but only for the better
N****s behind the scenes pulling strings still here tho
Regardless of what it is I’m still remaining a zero
I spent some time on a tour, partying in some clubs, taking meetings with labels, Maybach showing me love
Traveling around the states just me, my n****s and luggage
N****s say that we grind and show you how we really does it (Uh)
They’ll never expect it, regardless if you don’t you got no choice but to respect it
President [?] I felt I should of been elected
Except before you go as a present
And tell me what you think

Just tell me what you think (Uh)
Just tell me what you (Ahaha)
Just tell me what you think
Is it good, is it bad, is it good is it bad which one is it?
Just tell me what you think (haha)
You say it’s bad? what the
You mother (bleep)