Lyrics : Before You Go


Before you leave, before you decide
To go
Just hear me out

Right now
4pm in the day
Thinking about a lot
But got nothin' to say
The finer things on my brain (but)
But how do I obtain
How maintain my sane
I need a, lil confidence
Maybe I need a lot of it
Maybe I need to fly away to whole another continent
Maybe I need the opposite (maybe I need the opposite)
But what I do know is that I'm walking in greatness
Putting my heart and my soul into every creation
This is what I was made for
Get on the stage for
Gotta give a 100, when you tryna make a way for
Everybody believing in what you doing
All of the money sent, sitting at Western Union
Trying get on a plane
Flying out to LA
Only to some pain you never wanna feel again
This is what you signed up for (this is what you signed up for n****)
This is something that you thought would never happen
Now we talking about a line up tour (wow)
But could it really happen
Could my dreams really turn to reality (Uh huh)
Could I really take care of all of my family (Uh huh)
Could I really be the next one to blow (say what)
It's funny cause you never really know

But before you go
Before you
Before you go
(Uh) Before you go
Before you go (just hear me out)
Before you
Before you go

I been trying get it
All I see is success
I don't see no limits
I studied the game so long, now I'm in it
Trying figure how to reach the top once I finish
How do you reach the level of McCartney & Lennon?
Is it possible to say without kidding?
Is it possible to go without sinning
When you simply just trying make a living
We all got dreams, dreams, dreams, dreams (dreams)
And you should know by now that everything ain't what it seems, seems, seems, seems (seems)
Every dog has his day
But I rather be a king
So I gotta ask one thing (one thing)
Can I trade my collar for in a crown?
Go to London and make some pounds
Hands in the air while I shut the show down (like)
Don't it feel good? no it feel great (feels great)
You mean I got all this, from a couple mixtapes?
We done came a long way (we done came a long way)
And I'm still going strong
After long, I'll be right where I wanna be
Leave these haters right under me
A legend is what I'm gonna be

Before you go
Yeah, before you go
Yeah, so before you go
(Uh) just know that before you go
Before you go
Before you go
Before you go
Before you go
Oh, whoa, go
Before you go