Lyrics : Cold Feet

Faded along the way
It can't all be on the way
No, I'm fallin' now
Don't take what you don't need
Pullin' it by the waist
It's too late, the price to pay
Oh, it's over now
Don't say what you don't mean

Tangled in the backseat
Meltin' through the taxi
Cali was spinnin' around me
Yeah, what was it you said?
Feels hollow and I can't speak
Always been about me
Can't fly to you with cold feet
Waitin' on Kairos now

'Cause I can only see so far
Stayin' awake like its a lost cause
But I don't feel the least bit tired
Talking to you
You said the same
You were being straight up
Gotta find you