Lyrics : Monkey Wrench

*Circus Music*
Good evening
*Crow Squawks*

They make their own rules and break them (Yahh)
They buy out their views and fake them (Yahh)
I don't know how else to say this (What)
Salam alaikum
Only want beef don't want bacon (Woo)
Turned from a beast into Satan (Woo)
Chopped you into pieces
Leave you in the freezer
Police need the keys to the basement (*Sirens*)

I don't wanna get caught for murder in first degree (No)
Jumping out the window won't hurt me I'm Hercules (No)
Run into the limo I told em drive down the middle (*Car Door*)
Off the road, speed a little, I need to hit Burnaby
And get a plastic surgery
A new passport for Germany (Yahh)
Cab to the airport, be careful they heard of me (Yahh)
Keep my face down in the crowd
Don't worry, now I'm high sitting next to the pilot like [?]
Go, go, go, go, go I'm a terrorist (Yahh)
Give me the wheel like a therapist, I'll take care of this
I can figure how to fly the plane down to Maryland (*Shoo*)
Or the pyramids, I don't care, It's imperative
Had to learn Arabic for my heritage
Had an arranged marriage, complained to my parents
About how unfair it is (Wahh)
Wanted to marry an American with the fairer skin
Met a b*t*h at the Sheridan, you can p*ss on me Meredith (*Ahh*)
Wait, smells like asparagus (*Sniff*)
Such an embarrassment, I don't wanna touch her in there again (No)
She probably has herpes and it's Usher's inheritance
That's why she said it burn baby (*Burning*)
(Like a fire, fire, fire, yeah, fire)
Fire in the booth, quiet I'm the truth
Told you I get higher than the moon
Voices in my head, sounding like a choir in the room (Yahh)
Acid on my tongue now (Yahh)
Can't click I keep laughing at the thumbnail
Stuck on YouTube, it only happens when I'm strung out (Yeh)
Thought I saw Rihanna, she's f**king taller than me (Woah)
Walked to Guatemala than bought a spot on the beach (Woah)
Got an avocado, some tacos, hot sauce from Cabos
And she brought a lot of models to pop a bottle with me
And now the baddest b*t*h is bouncing on my balls (*Bounce*)
I be the man and yes I need an acid hit
To keep me calm I need the cannabis (Yahh)
I came from outer space, but nobody know what the planet is (No)
I'm turning rappers into sandwiches (Hah)
It's not an accident when I show off how big my castle is (No)
It's not an accident when they showed up with 50 packages (Woah)
Rip the plastic off this sh*t's immaculate (Woah)
Shove it up straight in my nose (*Sniff*)
Kurt Cobain, most days I'm alone (Yeah)
With the purple haze on stage at the shows (Yeah)
When I'm burnt out great, it can make me a ghost
I get perked out, baby (Yeah, Yeah)
Medicine cabinet is empty
I got enemies disguised, they're crying with envy (Wah, Wah)
Sit in the sky in a Bentley
That's a UFO flying, keep trying to get me (No, No)