Lyrics : No Autotune 3

(I love this sh*t, man)
Damn, damn
Ayy, turn the autotune off this

Yeah, gun on my hip
One in the head
Ten in the clip
R.I.P. Pop Smoke, n***as really ain't sh*t
That's why I'm in the trap and I'm anxious
She saw me in public, got to fainting
I'm so high, forgot I was famous
Channel 6, b*t*h, make a n***a famous
My whole f**king gang known for aiming
Another n***a died then they get to blaming
You wanna run the trap, you gotta have patience
Take a n***a down, f**k up his vacation
I need a bad b*t*h, no, she can't be basic
Why these n***as on that fake sh*t?
You just forcing me to take sh*t
In that drop-top Masi', you know I'ma speed
Big-ass chopper, it sound like Lil Keed
Braids in my hair but I ain't Lil Yachty so I won't get beads
I'll put a n***a right on say cheese
The Glock take a picture but it say cheesе
You know I won't surrender if the policе say freeze
Can't trust the plug why I'm freezing my lean
You only big and bad, n***a, when you with your team
That chopper sing like it's Marceline
Put my mask on, I'm looking like Scream
I got a Glock with a f**king red beam
Get out the trap, n***a, get paid off streams
You know I'm double down anywhere
She tryna see my Ethika underwear
Feel like Drake, told 'em take care
Me with a stick, that's your worst nightmare
Designer sh*t on the footwear
You know I got that stick, better beware
And I keep that stick, n***a, everywhere
I hit 'em with that stick, he better say a pray
And I'm with your b*t*h having an affair
I'm hopping in a foreign, you got a taxi fare
b*t*h-ass n***a, I know that you scared
These n***as be softer than a teddy bear
n***a, I don't rock [?]
You know I'm rocking f**king Moncler
Can't be around me if you scared
You can't be around me smoking squares
My ice got me walking on water
And next thing you know, I'm walking on air
Say that I'm broke, n***a, I'm like where
You know I won't snitch, I'd rather electric chair