Lyrics : Stick

Kid Classic
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Ridin' 'round the city with a brand new whip (Skrrt!)
Holy Ghost filled, got the brand new drip (Let's go)
Sack on the play, Ray Lewis with the hit (Grrr!)
Covered in the blood, church boy with the stick (What?)
Stick (Woo!), stick (Woah)
Stick (Woo), stick (Woah)
Stick (Woo), stick (Woah)
Stick (Woo), stick
Turn me up, get me lit (Grra!)
Young boy looking fresh like a lick (Fresh!)Whole team run it up with the clique (Yeah)
Last lap, better pass me the stick
Stick (Woo, woo), stick (Yeah)
Stick (Grra!), stick
Stick (Yeah), stick
Stick (Woo), stick

I be walkin' 'round town with the stick (Yeah)
Real fresh, like you just bit a mint (Grra!)
On the block, tell 'em put down the brick (Yeah)
They don't know none else hit licks
They said trappin' ain't dead (Yeah)
Got to get they family fed (Yeah)
Uncle used to move weight (Yeah, yeah)
Where he at? Now he dead (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I-I-I call you professional capper (Woo)
Need a Grammy for best internet rapper (Brrt)
Turn the beat up, do my dance, this a slapper (Yeah)
Really outside, know some boys that'll clap ya
Let it bang
It come back, like boomerang (Yeah)
You a killer on your records
In your courtroom, you gon' sing, ah!