Lyrics : In Love With a Straight Girl

I try, I try again
And I try, I try again
And I lie, I lie again
And I lie, I lie again

OK, there's this girl
She's about 5'5
Curly little fro, real thick, nice thighs
Don't forget about the eyes!

Ooh, she's so spicy
Only problem is, is I know she doesn't like me (fight me)
She's straight, but we always flirt
And I know she's got a man, so I'm always hurt
And she's sitting in my lap in an all day skirt
And she's rubbing on my legs, pulling on my shirt!

I can't take it
The girl I'm in love with is always making me hot
And I need to cool down
I cannot fight the feelings every time that she's around

I'm in love with a straight girl, straight girl
I don't know how much more I can take girl, take girl
I don't wanna lie, don't wanna fake girl, fake girl
It's tearing me apart cause we can't date girl, date girl