Lyrics : ​alley-oop

Hey slim, how do you feel about getting married?
We don’t have to wait forever, and you don’t have to know the answer right now
(but if you wanted to I could let u know what it is…)
We can alley-oop!
My boots are alligator
And you’re in pretty white gown

We could look Hollywood; honeymoon I wish u could see what I’m seeing
They’re throwing rice and they’re clapping for you!

Hey slim, how do you feel about moving to the city?
We don’t have to stay forever, and you don’t have to change for anybody else
And I would ride for you, if it’s now or later
I’m your little bloodhound

(Rhinestones on my jeans) don’t raise your voice to make a scene, he was just playin’
I don’t see him the way I see you

Well hey slim, I’m feeling lucky
Wouldn’t mind if you called me up
I promise it won’t take forever;
We don’t have to stay on the phone for a long time
I saw an alley-cat sleeping alone under your Pontiac
I miss you bad