It’s a frightmare the night terrors weighing heavy
Fill my mind with Armageddon on the news they say get ready
Fear monger on the dollars now they cashin on pain
All you have to do is follow rules and you will be okay
Im in a ghost town a lock down on the masses
Let the panic settled in before your lost within the madness
No moral found the underground is where I’m heading
Keep a distance at all times just Incase you’ve been infected
From a virus with no home came from nothing now it’s grown
Filtered all throughout the world with no cure to help the prone
Just a lost cause I’m seeing sadness in the stars
Everybody has opinions but not one is getting far
Hope the prayers start to show hope the money starts to flow
Will you lend a helpin hand or will you just hide alone
These the things that come to mind when pandemics start to break
Putting pressure on the nations
As the people start to waste