Lyrics : Flesh & Bone/It’s Goin’ Down Mashup

We can take them!
Yo-ho, ho-oh, oh-oh, make the trade
Yo-ho, ho-oh, oh-oh, or walk the plank

Hear it getting louder, a call for revolution
Yeah, we came for what was ours, it's time for restitution
We'll protect our own, take back the stone
No, human nature cannot hold us down
Huh, let's get this party started
I swear I'm cold-hearted
There's no negotiation
I'm not here for debatin'
You need some motivation?
Just look at Ben's face
Then ask yourself how long you think I'll remain patient
I'll throw him overboard and let him swim with killer sharks
You either hand over the wand or he'll be ripped apart

It's the wand for the crown
If you don't, it's going down
Give him up and do it now
If you don't, it's going down
It's now or never, we're in this together
We'll fight through the highs and the lows (Peace or war it's up to you)
No, we won't break, we're more than flesh and bone
Let's go, pound for pound
We're prepared to stand our ground
Put your swords up, put 'em up
It's going down