Lyrics : One Chance I Won’t Take


Let go of everything that you've been holding on
It's not easy but you're feelings aren't wrong
Don't look back again cause there's nothin' for you there
Or here or anywhere

I'm so sick of feelin' like you tied me to my own grave, my grave
I coulda been someone better but I had to go and get carried away

I wanna be the person you adore so
Tell me all the dark secrets inside your head
Is it okay?
If I forgive myself one more time
Can I still be the one on your mind each day?
Is this the one chance that I just won't take?

Wish I could break-in, that crazy head of yours
I know you fakin' for the whole sake of feelings you can't ignore
I know you got it out, let it out, but in a bad way
Go back to those days, Am I a dreamer without a choice?
Or forcing myself to get better?
You don't wanna go there, you don't wanna go there
No one is making you
I know it's not I know it's not fair
Fightin' myself for your own place
Knowing the feeling might not change
I wish you'd say I'll be okay cause-