Lyrics : XXL Freshman Freestyle: DDG

Lane switchin', they ain't never gon' catch me
f**k love when I said that she left me
Then I made a list, she wish that she kept me
I don't know you, baby, can you refresh me?
Way richer than the first time you met me
Send the addy if you wanna address me
Internet should've never affect me
If you smart, then you never attach me
VVS, nobody colder than me
Richer than the n***as older than me
All b*t*hes bipolar to me
Baby like a rollercoaster to me
n***as want to beef with me 'bout a b*t*h
Ain't my fault that she was suckin' my d**k
She just want me 'cause she know that I'm lit
I ain't trippin' 'cause I know how I get
I can't trust no ho
They just come and go
R.I.P. my bro
We ain't broke no mo'