Lyrics : Cobain

It's me, Rhys
You might know me
Might not

You want my d**k
Don't even try to mount
I know you only want me for my checking account
Ballin' like a scrotum
b*t*h hold 'em
Ain't no way you're walking around actin' like a hoe 'n
Not even an offer
To me and all my homies
They want done for
I said don't off her
'Cause the way you walk with that ass make my jaw drop-uh
Picking up the choppa
Your man don't like me
Krak'll crack his head open and bust his knees
And then imma drop him off
Over at hospital
Henry Mayo may o' may not be able to stop the flow
Blood rush out his skull and oh
I didn't touch his testicles
They just ain't there 'cause I shot 'em off about a week ago
f**kin' with this freaky flow
My b*t*h f**k like gymnast though
Onе foot on the roof and another round my back
In the all-black coupе I go
We f**k like we're exes
Or like I'll never see her
She don't want nothing to do with me 'cause I beat her
But not like Breezy
She can't walk for a week
'Cause everytime we f**k
The weak is in her knees
Please don't leave
This some pornstar pu**y
Stay in the car and let me hit real quickly
b*t*h I love you or maybe I love sex
But God I love to see you with them hickeys on your neck
Oh yes
Oh yes
Oh yes
La, uh
La la la
La la la la la
Uh, uh
Yeah yeah yeah

Calibratin' my d**k in Calabassas
Make sure the blood flow is massive
Lookin' at all these b*t*hes
And watchin' their ass
Goddamn it's delicious
It must Christmas
You on my hit list
Talkin' your sh*t like I ain't listenin'
Why don't you sit then
You ain't gon' touch me
I got goons that ride for me
You ain't gon' see my b*t*h
She hide from the public eye for me
And she think that she's ugly
But goddamn she's beautiful
Walkin' around and my d**k gon' salute her though
But like I said, if you want her I got shooters yo
Watch your back if you tryna step to my girl
That's Hiero
Your only growth that you preach
Is the growing amount of bullet holes
They just go through ya', oh
Oh oh
La la la la la la la la
Uh, nanana na na
Na nanana na nanana la
Look, look

Love me don't push me
I'm doing my own thing
Y'all ain't gon' make me end up like Cobain
The fame and the fortune are good but not er'thing
sh*t I don't even wanna end this sh*t off with a bang
I just wanna live with my girl from the 12th grade
I haven't seen her in so long
She's probably gettin' railed in Korea
Where she moved so we got the long-distance thing
I love her but soon she'll think
I'm not all that great
Pressure from my people and pressure from my brain
I gotta catch myself before I end up like Cobain
I wanna go to the burbs
With that raincloud from my first tape
That made me think I could do this sh*t everyday
I want a white picket fence
I wanna lay with her and destress
But goddamn my life is a mess
She got my shirt, necklace, and hoodie
But God my heart is hurting
'Cause my head told me that some dude could take her from me
Could he?
My cloud, baby, cookie
In my red hoodie
Maybe she'll stay faithful
But she'll probably get tired of me
La la la la la la
La la la la la