Lyrics : Diamonds

That's all I do
(La Musica de Harry Fraud)
Illegal n***as but we been legit
That's all I do
Off you n***as I never benefit

Bought it by the brick, sold it by the rock (That's all I do)
The Blueprint on while I'm f**kin', gotta throwin' up the Roc
I'm talkin' diamonds, young n***a pourin' wine (That's all I do)
And I can feel like Simon, or maybe Donny Hathaway
Used to wish I can kick it, f**k school, I gotta trap today
Ain't care what momma think, I felt like Tom Hanks on Cast Away
The package landed Wednesday, tryna get it off by Saturday
Even better by Friday, Frank Sinatra, this my way
We do 'em like the mob, clip 'em, backin' out his driveway
You ain't been nervous 'til you had narcotics on the highway
I've been an outcast, I grew up like André, three thousand in my pocket
I know they hate on me but somehow I'm always the topic (I'm always the topic)
You talkin' 'bout sh*t, I'm always gon' pop it
Designer fits, I'm always gon' rock 'em
Just tryna make a profit, n***as hated on my pockets
Like when Harden went to Texas, n***as hated on the Rockets
Like when KD went to the Bay, n***as hated on the Warriors
We chased you in your baby momma buildin', had you callin' her (Had you callin' her)
I went to pick up weed, not for the beach, the first time I went to Florida
Your moms don't want that call from the coroner, stay in order, bruh (Stay in order, bruh)
That's all I do
Illegal n***as but we been legit, uh
That's all I do
Off you n***as I never—

They told me life is what you make it, I'm an architect
Cocaine in my mother apartment, I wasn't talkin' yet
Seen fiends noddin' off, I wasn't even walkin' yet
Prayin' to the sky, I'm all alone, like, "How could God neglect?"
I ain't asked to be here
I knew a smoker told me that Tahinis helped her see clear
Lyin' to herself, she said she kicked the habit each year
I watched her from a beach chair, Nikes on my ten toes, I'm genuine
I had a cousin overdosed when Diddy put out Benjamins
Dog food, syringes by the benches from the trenches, tryna get a chain
Heard all them stories 'bout how they lynched us, now they tryna hang
AR's from labels tryna find the gang, you can search Google for a year, you'll never find my pain
Conversations with my momma, promise that I'm tryna change
Grew up with 'em, they not the same
Noted everything I've lost, now I'm tryna gain
I had a plug, who started sellin' weed 'cause he was out of 'caine
Like a highway in Cali, this rap game got a lot of lanes
Blood done hit these streets for years, the pavement got a lot of stains
They told me live your life before you check out
East and Harry Fraud, this dope the best out
We got it
That's all I do
Illegal n***as but we been legit, uh
That's all I do
Off you n***as I never benefit
That's all I do
That's all I do