Lyrics : My Dad Is Rich

Alright, you can try to f*ck with me
But before you do, there's something you should probably know

I keep that motherf*ckin' thing on me
And by thing I mean dad
Trust, you don't wanna make me mad
Cause I got him on speed dial
And he's rich as all heck
And he's strong, he'll be comin' for your neck

Yeah, my dad is straight evil
He's a mafia boss
And he's cutting me checks
Now I'm lost in the sauce
Give me an arbitrary job cause I have no skills
Nepotism got me making them bills

First grade I had a bully, he was straight dissin' (uh)
Asked the principal for help, but he wouldn't listen
Told my dad, next day they were both missin'
Like Shape of Water, they were sleeping with fishes

And did I mention he's a vampire?
My dad can't die (nah)
Paler than a motherf*ckin' overcast sky
Only comin' out at night
Killin' folks with one bite
Think he sucks?
Well you goddamn right

Me and dad at the ball park
Hittin' balls with a bat
If you bully me you're gonna brawl with a bat
Who needs a sugar daddy when you got a sugar dad?
Unlimited allowance, no cap

Dad been alive for four hundred years, vampire shit
He don't show up in the mirrors, rich man shit
He don't show up for his kids
How he live forever but ain't got time for his kids?
But it's cool

I get that money from the top (bitch)
Call that "trickle down economics"
You don't wanna mess with me, I promise
The money never stops but it's got a lot of commas
If I have a bad dream then I'm hoppin' in his coffin

Dad's richer than Jeff Bezos
It ain't fall but he's raking up pesos
Puttin' all my haters underneath gravestones
I'm like a baby mouse cause he feed me queso
Little bread like panko

You will never have a rich dad
You will always have a tiny baby bitch dad
You could have money in the bank
But your dad can't hang
Cause he ain't got fangs
And he don't lead gangs, bitch