Lyrics : POP [”TheInfant” Parody]

You know everybody been waitin’ on that Smurty, man
I mean it like ever since divinity dropped (ever since divinity dropped…)
Oh lord, Smurty made another--
Ain’t nobody drop sh*t, let’s go

Nah, I needed some sh*t with some pop in it (pop)
I flew past the 20s, in all of their money
Ain’t nobody finna be dropping it
See, I miss the industry, “Red” to “Madvillany”
Y’all know that I ain’t be watching it
And me and the public, and they all be publishing
All of this sh*t, yo, we opposites

But I can rap over any beat
As long as I’m making a trilli'
For everything that I level with
Though I ain’t the president
I ain’t in charge
Though people would follow me off of a barge
Making ‘em hard
Give ‘em a wink and a couple of bars
You driving your lives while I’m driving a car
I’m at the Grammy’s, y’all amn’t near par
No I ain’t smart
But that’s why I’m making the music
Trying to prove that I can still teach all your pupils
sh*t that is never confusing
Flipping my hand, flexing my bands
Seven some billion fans
The haters receiving a diss for this
They missing out, all of my sh*t so lit, ay