Lyrics : One Time*

Oh Lord, Jetson made another one

Some n***as don't put on for drugs
They'll come around tryna sip my lean
Why you bringin' up the murder? Tryna give police a lead
Even though I got a bag, I cannot leave you on these streets
Ain't no rich sex, when I f**k you, I gotta take off all these rings
Know one n***a say he a killer
They think he done turned to a meme
n***as always say they love you, gotta watch 'em, that's the thing
Got that call, they killed my homie, man, I wish that sh*t a dream
I know a n***a in the feds, he say the buildin' ran by fiends

When the feds picked up my partner, it hit me inside (Yeah, yeah)
Tried to give him seventeen, but he got three to five (Three)
When he get out say his momma ain't gon' be alive (Nah)
So I'ma f**k two hoes at the time
One of 'em his and the other one mine (Both of 'em mine)

I f**ked a hooper baby mama and I raw dogged (let's get it)
I done popped one half of this pill and it gave me lockjaw (It gave me lockjaw)
I done invested into these streets when they took my dawg (My dawg)
They in the city writin' the statements
Lookin' for top dawg (lets get it)
I know sometimes y'all miss y'all mans, but he got caught
Got caught, really havin' shootouts in that Trackhawk, Trackhawk
Time to do a hit, let's go and smash out, he backed out
Crate full of guns, they tryna sell 'em, then I cash out
Two shots to the head and one face shot, just for a bad mouth
I know you really don't mean what you had said, that's that Xan mouth
Know some n***as say they super trill but they fanned out
Get you by yourself and they'll ask you for a handout
Two thou' for Alexander McQueen, spend that on my pants now
Told Ikey leave his b*t*h for the streets
Go f**k around, get em cashed out
I'm so turnt up and I got cash now