Lyrics : The Seahorse Rears to Oblivion

The seahorse rears to oblivion...

When God created the worlds they were before then, without form
A void except in his own great eye which had already seen everything that was, is and will
The first thing he created I believe though the bible does not tell us so
Is children's crying
As this is still mirrored when children are born
Though no doubt all the animals weep for birth in their own particular way
But they must have someone human to notice it so that it be noted
The second things he created were two things he created simultaneously to frighten children
An old rocking horse that moves of its own accord and a discoloured doll which seems to move occasionally
The third thing he did was to throw Lucifer out of heaven so he would be waiting on earth to destroy everything people tried to do and to destroy what little happiness they scurry together
And he became Satan and waits here still for all of us

That is three things too
Lucifer to Satan
Destroying to do
And to enjoy

The forth thing he did was to laugh
Once, Twice, Thrice and Forth

The fifth thing was to create
One Star, one animal, one fish, one bird, one human

These five bred together to create the entire moving, flying, spinning world and what is in it
The stars he sent to fly and lie in space
The animal he made to be our base nature and our state of nature and our innocence, and our memento mori on earth
The fish went to swim and drink the waters of the sea world
The bird flies, dies, and falls
The human lies, dies, destroys, creates, and seeks the stars that He sent up in space

The stars try and try and try to fly away from earth
But God has caught them in a large sling thatholds them from falling too near or flying too far

The Devil creates black holes
Sucks them out of the visible universe
To create decorations:
Bubbles and globes full of light and darkness in the ceiling sky of hell
Upside-down if you can see it standing up

Then God decides that it is time to blow the final trumpet and call all chickens home to roost in every way and meaning
God then blows final trumpet and withdraws the sling from the sky
The sling is made of wire and wood and warth and weth together

The roost begins
The stars are withdrawn from their heavenly holder
An attempt to rush away from the stinking world
Satan simultaneously tries to snatch all of them at once to all his infernal kingdom
Itself now doomed to his unknowledge

The stars are taken half by Satan
Dragged though an ever increasing black dent in the night sky
The other half run towards the playides and alderbran
Oh stars of the evening
How swift you rush and roar away
Even Satan in his great power and great fury and great greed cannot stop them
So eager are they to dance and dim aways

But God knows all, sees all
And is prepared for all
He creates a huge net made of spit
And throws is further than the furthest star
The stars are caught on spit like the birds to a lying-covered branch
Damned. God lectures them with a whip
The spit shivers as the whip quivers over the stars
The voice slathers and lathers them with more of the same spit that is caught them

Forever and ever and ever
The stars only pause and the stars only cross as to obey he who made them
The stars are given great scars with the whip for attempting to flee
The scars are blood causes; liquid proof of God's anger which was from them
The bubble stars are brought back by a string of spit which cuts through the web between the worlds
They too are slashed and thrashed
The stars are orderedby God to return to the sling or betorch his mercy
Raining down like rain on the earth
And all of those that are unfortunate enough to have been born in and of it

The stars do not wish to go
They march sadly to their home