Lyrics : XXL Freshman Freestyle: Coi Leray

I'm not poppin' off till I got a couple M's sittin' right in my bank account
And my family depending on me, I'm the one that's gon' make it out
I'm so paranoid, I think everybody gonna snake me out
I think everybody out to get me now
So that's why I'm geeked up off this Henny now
Yeah, I'm numbin' the pain, I don't feel it now
And I got 'em so mad 'cause I'm winnin' now
Yeah, the Glock on my waist, I might air it out
Fit it right in my purse, I don't wear it out
Make sure the bag matchin' my shoes, they Maison Margiela
My chains, I'ma wear 'em all
And this brand new Birkin can't fit in my closet
Remember brick gave me them hand-me-downs
Yеah, parasitic, uh, these n***as wanna eat off mе
I don't really trust n***as, uh, shout-out to Louise
Fell in love with this money, yeah, I count it in my sleep
Avianne this water, yeah, he got it from the sea