Aye it's time to talk to y'all n*ggas man
You n*ggas think I owe you something?

I know a lot of n*ggas fake
I cut the head up off of snakes
I went broke and got rich, a lot of n*ggas can't relate
Tears rolling down my face
Shackled up behind them gates
When my brother lost his life, we turned up the murder rate
Homies beefing over b*tches, that's the sh*t I stay away
I can't sleep until I'm platinum, I just hope I stay awake
Taking trips out of town, foreign cars, paper plates
They ain't want to let me in, so I had to make a way
I pray to God every night
They just gave my brother life
Hit him with the 3 strikes
He's still putting up a fight
And I'm sliding for my n*gga, if he wrong or he right
On parole riding dirty, I'm a felon with a pipe
I seen his daughter last night
I told her it's gon' be alright
And she prolly don't believe me 'cause most of these n*ggas lie
The way she look me in my eye
Make a n*gga want to cry
Until your daddy come back home, your uncle gon' be on your side
FBI, working overtime, I'm praying I survive
They say my brother killed my brother, that sh*t hurt me deep inside
And I miss lil B, he was with me before he died
n*ggas say they want me dead, but everyday I be outside
On parole with this choppa, I ain't got no time to hide
I'm God in the streets, they want to see me crucified
They shot Dreda 10 times, you know it's do or die
We flipped they hood like a hurricane when lil [?] died
Mama lost me to the streets, that's the only time she cried
Seeing Jayge in that casket, was the first time I died
n*ggas go to jail and change, so I ain't saying free the guys
n*ggas should of been the opps the way they playing both sides
Run and tell 'em n*ggas that, since you want to be a spy
You can get your ass whacked, for acting like you want to die
The way you speaking on my name, I know you getting high
n*gga white around the mouth, n*gga pockets all dry
If it's on then it's on, I ain't asking you why
Four and Frank out the window on the passenger side
Click click boom, then we trashing the ride
Leave 'em at the light, then we passing 'em by
Another lost soul, another mama crying
Tony Rome say I'm going hard, I told him I ain't trying
I just blew through a couple M's, and I ain't even lying
Waking up in cold sweat, hearing FBI sirens
And he got five kids, they got took by CPS
I just took her 10 bands, I just hate to see she stressed
She ain't never stole from me, she just want to see me blessed
And she break down in tears when she see me in the jets
I'd die and go to hell before you see me with my ex
She rather see me dead before she see me with a check
The homies hating on me rather see me up in debt
Or doing life in jail before they see me on the jet
It's a cold, cold game
I done slept up in the rain
I endured so much pain
But I'm the only one to blame
I was real when I was broke, but now I'm fake, I got some chances
We was kids everybody know, I fed the whole gang
Same n*gga who had all the b*tches letting us run trains
The same n*gga at my mama house teaching y'all the game
The same n*gga in the alleyway selling cocaine
And still SOE, Starz Over Everythang, n*gga