Lyrics : Please Die

Look at you, you're pathetic
And this isn't the first time I've said it
Look at you standing tall with that chest puffed out
Inside your insecurities are just dying to bust out
You're a bust now
You're lucky those pills haven't snuffed you out
You cut your friends off, so you got nobody to trust now
But you did this to you
I hope you're proud every time you end up back in the news
And you really think we care when you announce you're back in the booth
Nobody's got your back, and it's true
I hope I see you beat until you're black and you're blue
Give me that head, and I'll crack it in two
'Cause the old you is missing when you were back with the crew
Back then you had the anointing, and you were passionate, too
I know you've thought about it, just do it you coward and fasten that noose
That guilt keeps piling up, so who you passing it to?
'Cause God knows you never own up to your own mistakes
You're a fraud in an industry of fakes
Stiff spine? Your's bends 'til it breaks
And you talk about Jesus, but you don't live like Him
And you tell people to help others, but you don't give like them
What ever happened to the old you?
I knew you'd end up like this, man, I told you
You spent more time dating than praying
Cat got your tongue? Do you hear what I'm saying?
Well, that cat's out of the bag now, and that spotlight's fading
You could have been somebody, you could have done things right
You got an army behind you, but you'd rather run than stand up and fight
What's wrong with you man?! Wake up
For God's sake, stop sulking your regrets and shape up
This is bigger than you
Don't you see? This is bigger than me
Is this the man you want your daughter to see?
One day, she'll grow up and say, "He was no father to me"
And what about those kids who look up to you?
You can't even drag yourself out of bed, man, what's up with you?!
You were called to be different, and you were made to be great
But when I see you, I see everything that I hate
You're a messenger who's a mess, you're down and depressed
And if you don't get help, you're gonna die like this
I told myself I wouldn't cry like this
But look at you man, what are you doing?!
Watching you suffer like this is grueling
But you chose to love your sin more than your Maker
And you blame them for what happened, but you're the faker
And you keep playing in the dirt like it's gonna satisfy you
I might just pull this trigger, would you be mad if I do?

Do it, coward, you won't because you're scared, too
And don't blame me for where we're at, you were there, too
You could have done something (I couldn't stop you!)
You could have asked for help, but you didn't because of your pride
Our sins are out in public now, and we have nothing to hide, and that kills you inside
I'm the part of us who doesn't care about the past or what we do
And you have no idea what your high expectations have put us through
And now that we're failures, it kills you, too
Give up the chip on your shoulder, Clayton, don't lie
You're really the one who wants us to die
So if you wanna pull a gun on us, here, so will I