Lyrics : My Prayer for You

This is my prayer for you
Please know that I pray for you
I pray negative people get held at a distance
I pray God will come to your defense in an instant
I pray you never get defensive when your name is mentioned
It's better to walk away than live in tension
But listen to me
I pray you live life intentionally
When someone is down, be a friend to their need
Serve others before you serve yourself
I pray you live for more than the pursuit of wealth
I pray you look vertical and keep your eyes off the horizon
I pray you walk to God's ocean of grace, and you dive in
I pray you worship Jesus and not the church
I pray you keep your head held high, and you walk in your worth
Don't you ever let anyone tell you you're made for less
I pray you give and get blessed
I pray you spend your life looking forward and not back
I pray you never forget where you came from wherever you're at
I pray your days are long and your nights are calm
I pray your spine stays stiff, and you live to fight on
I pray you find something to believe in, and your legacy trails on
I pray Jesus is your reason, and your soul sails on