Lyrics : My Girl Jezebel

I just think you need to figure it out
A kick to the stomach, and I'm one step out
Baby, just shut up and put your lips to my mouth
Funny how it only takes a second to make a relationship go south
Last week, you ignore me, today you're begging me to come to your house?
I'm trying everything I can to resist the slaughter
Then she drives by my place and tosses out the window the necklace I bought her
"I don't even want you to have it, give me back that jewelry!"
You think you look tough but you look like a fool to me
Next door neighbor pops up thinking this is something cool to see
"Yo, Todd, get off of my lawn for real!"
Trying to suppress the building anger I feel
"Get back, Todd, building danger is near!"
I swear these people just can't mind their own
"Yo, Todd, you need some help tryna find your home?
It's that way, last chance, buddy"
Out of nowhere, she pulls back up, hops out and runs up to hug me
"Get off me, what are you doing?!"
"Oh, you want it, too, Clayton, who do you think that you're fooling?
Acting like you don't mess with me when we both know that we're cooling
You fall asleep on my sofa, and I wake up drooling"
"Listen, girl, one second you're hot, and the next second you're cold
One second you're childish, the next second you're old"
I hate her and I love her and I can't get her to leave
It's like everywhere I go, this whore keeps following me
I can't be mad at her attitude, this behavior I taught her
Decisions today that'll haunt me tomorrow
I swear on everything I'm over this chick
I hate her fangs, and she makes me sick
I gave her my heart, and she gave me her fists
She gave me her hatred, I gave her my wrists
And they've been cuffed ever since
I put holes in the walls, and I cuss when I spit
She wanted marriage, I rushed for the split
But I was too deep in
All it takes is one crack to let the Devil creep in
And with the Devil comes demons, and my demon was her
My life became wreckless, my future unsure
You aren't going anywhere when it's her spell you're under
She brings the rainstorms, her dad brings the thunder
Possessed or oppressed, sometimes I wonder
Hand me that pistol, I'm sorry I blew it
She won't come out so I gotta use it
So many times I wanted to shoot it
Not at them, not at him, at me
'Cause she got under my skin, literally