Lyrics : Waterfalls

Thanks for nothing
I?m sick of all the suffering
I feel the anxious thinking from my brain?into?my stomach
You make?me feel like loving isn?t nothing?but a substance
I wish I saw it coming got no choices I?m a puppet

I still look at your name on the corner of the page
From the letters that you wrote me when we went our separate ways
When it ended
I?m sick of seeking vengeance
I?m sick of seeing waterfalls from my eyelids when I?m restless

I don?t recall where I went wrong
I lost it all I lost our love
I think we both knew all along
I?d be the one who?d write a song

About the things that we gained
The memories that we made
Of all our pointless conversations
All the pictures that we saved

Inside the coffee shop
Where we both sat and talked
Where I began to fall in love
And you began to think too much