Lyrics : Zombies

Yo I saw some sh*t got me scared to go outside
I wasn't prepared this outbreak is spreading worldwide
I don't get it, this zombie sh*t is now a epidemic
When you least expect it, f**k around and get infected
28 Days Later on the Dawn of the Dead
They return for revenge and feast on men
A single bite your life's disgusting all around
They climbing through your window after busting through the ground
Love it or hate it, you can't escape the zombies
Cuz zombies meet and mate and make more zombies
They feed off the living, won't stop till your dead
Only way you kill a zombie is a shot to the head
One day me and my crew got ambushed by zombies
Escaped for my life my best friend running beside me
My man's got bit, looked at me pleading and sobbing
I said "Peace fam" and threw the axe up in his noggin
I took the shotty off the body in the lobby
Fighting black belt zombies using origami Karate
Word kemosabe, I even swam through a tsunami
And if you where the zombies look cuz zombies never find me
Cuz yo, I'm on the road a lot you know I got a cool buzz
Zombie dude Twitted to his crew where the room was
This living dead sh*t is hard to explain
The other night this zombie b*t*h tried to suck out my brains
Took a picture the same time she was climbing on me
Put it on Facebook, now all the zombies comment on me
Look in the mirror, is your features mad slimy?
You following us blindly then you probably a zombie

I perform zombie style for the zombies in the crowd
Ain't no zombies, whose mind is playing tricks on them now?
I fight off the gnostics with broken chopsticks
The pilot told n***as don't smoke in the c*ckpit
The plane started diving, I jumped out behind it
I saved everybody but they still can't find it
Everybody was just standing there watching
The dead man walking carrying his own coffin
Screaming at the top of his lungs, but he silent
His breathing sounds a bit rough but he surviving
The truth is n***as don't wanna see him rhyming
They ripped up the contract and took back the Heisman
Communist cultures and gargoyles and cobras
Coca-Cola colored ebola and opium smokers
Microphone in psychosis, an ocean of poetry
Mixed with physician advised and supervised dosages
I dreamt the Soviets did a drive by on Maury Povich's b*t*h
Connie Chung's eyes were wide open
Four gold teeth and grown out goatee
This is in the future, still spitting like the old me
That's why they love me and that's why they hate me
All because they love me and they can't appreciate me
It sound crazy I know I dreamt zombies chased me
Head on collision at great speeds, yeah, blame me
I was arguing with Wizzy cus the car was a rissy
Go for the machet' if you ever come get me
Any man that wants to kill zombies come with me
Climate controlled bio domes in underground cities
How many? I counted twice and got 2,050
Freestyling in the streets over Friday the 13th and Halloween beats
Just to see if you down to trick or treat
Zombies start with 'Z', zombies in the streets
Zombies selling beats the others zombie MC's
Zombies start beef, but zombies don't f**k around with me
Cuz zombies know we turn 'em into zombie meat
Zombies from the west, zombies from the east
Zombie thugs going after zombie police
What you gonna do when the zombies are released?
Nothing! The zombies going get you in your sleep