Lyrics : Pretty Again

Woke Up, Looked in the mirror
I wish I could see something
Different, oh no
And people got a lot to say
Especially these days
The all judge my past mistakes
Yeah, sometimes I too hate me
But then there’s you

You see me for me
You know who I am
You wanna me feel pretty again
I know I did some wrong and I’m
Trying to move on and be strong
But I can’t yeah
I was too young to understand what
Those words truly meant
Don’t think i’ll ever feel pretty again
Not after what I said

And it’s not the fact that people care
It’s the fact that I hurt someone really
Close to me and in all honesty
I was dumb I was cruel didn’t the effect
This would i have on you I was such a fool
But I can’t hold the against me because
I’ve changed and I don’t care who believes me
Cause I got you

You see me for me
You know who I am
You make me feel pretty again
You tell me I’ve changed
And i’ve noticed it too, babe
Think I’ll finally give myself a break
Can’t take back what I said and
I’m not justifying it
But i’ve changed, I know the new me
And I now know my mistakes and I
Can learn from them babe
And I must say I feel pretty again, babe

Oh woah
Oh Woah
Oh Woah
Babe, Babe
Oh woah
Oh Woah
Oh Woah
You see me for me
You know who I am
You made me feel pretty again

Even after all the mistakes
That i’ll still make
You say you will love me endlessly
With all my flaws, with you
I feel strong and I’m here to stay
I feel pretty again, babe, yeah, yeah babe
I feel pretty again
I feel pretty again
I now know who I am
And I love me again