Lyrics : Good Joke (One Take)

Got dope but I don't coke deal
No coat i dont got no chill
Took 4 pills on a roll no wheel
Now my life feel like an animated film
Hold still while I color you in
I got green, got white take a bump and a hit
I mix light with a dark brown what do you get?
It's me sittin shotgun throwin up in the vette

Dont swerve while I purge
Sick so sick I don't care for the verse
Tell the nurse where it hurt
Now my side b*t*h got the perks in the purse
Pop 5 get back to the work cause i gotta be top 5 rap this year
This the return
I don't wanna wait for a turn imma take what i earn, so first
Imma get a baseball bat, a gag, a bodybag and a hearse
Maybe a pick axe a bud light bought a sixpack I sip that in pitstained shirts
Dig in a dirt, put a body 6 feet deep in the earth like he better learn
Get feed to the worms and the earliest bird get the worm for dessert but I'm not done yet it gets worse
Imma hit ya girl with a text, pull up on that ass on flexin
Little bit of bathroom sex and im looking at my own reflection
Finally i get ghosted and the hoes wave bye to me
I can't stand when a broke boy lie to me im so tired of these motherf**kers tryin me like
You think this sh*t fake? Good joke
You make more than what I make? Good joke
Yeah I hear you sayin i fell off? Good joke
You think that u poppin but you not, good joke aah